pedantic peeves

I just felt compelled to make some pedantic observations.

most movies are 3D
All the old movies, including black and white ones, were 3D. On the other hand, movies in which you are required to wear special spectacles are 4D, not 3D. They record three spatial dimensions and one temporal dimension. The “old” movies displayed in two spatial dimensions and one temporal dimension, hence they were 3D.

“Smart” quotes and the single apostrophe problem:
Apostrophes are used to abbreviate. Apostrophes, when not written as small vertical marks, should appear with the concave side to the left, no matter whether they are at the beginning of a word or at the end. Unfortunately, programs like Microsoft Word, when they implement what they call “smart quotes” exhibit their utter failure at being smart when it comes to the use of apostrophes. Consequently we all-too-often will see abbreviations as follows:

‘10 for 2010

Of course it should be:

’10 for 2010

This mistake happens just about everywhere. Take a stand!

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