guy leech tripped me

On an unrelated note, a recent report on the benefits (or lack thereof) of running shoes from the Daily Mail is interesting because I have been, for the last year or so, been wearing relatively inexpensive running shoes emblazoned with the signature of the “iron man” Guy Leech. These are, perhaps, the exceptions which may prove the rule.

So what is the problem? These shoes came with extremely long shoelaces. I mean very, very long. Untied, the lace that hangs from the shoes exceeds 50cm.

This presents a real and present danger, because once tied it can leave an excessively large “loop” in the tied showlace. I discovered the hard way that this is not good. While out for a run, my left foot got caught in the loop of the lace on the right shoe. As you may be able to imagine, this does not have a pretty ending. No, particularly not when you’re running across a road (fortunately not a busy road) when it happens.

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