john dickson — hearing her voice: a case for women giving sermons

There’s been quite a stir in Sydney Anglican circles following the publication of a small e-book by John Dickson which argues that 1Tim 2:12 should not be understood to prevent women from giving sermons. I’ve finally gotten around to reading it for myself and thought I’d post my review.

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One response to “john dickson — hearing her voice: a case for women giving sermons”

  1. craig Bennett

    Interesting review Martin. And refreshing to see one that engages with what he writes. why he writes it and is not just a knee-jerk reaction to keep the status quo.

    My own philosophy for allowing women to preach stems from what Gordon Fee says about it.(My paraphrase) The Holy Spirit really knows what he is doing when he empowers, gifts and inspires anyone to preach… I have heard it said too many times that even if God has gifted someone to do something, it doesn’t mean they should do it. “Sigh!”

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